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Swadesh Edible oils

Mustard Oil

SWADESH KACHCHI GHANI MUSTARD OIL is one of the premium quality mustard oil in India and well proven among the consumers. The mustard oil comes from finest quality of collective Mustard seeds, after getting approval from international and companies internal laboratories.

The seeds are processed thru proper cleaning, heat treatment, moisture control, and water treatment to keep the aromatic natural flavour and pungency, which gives a feel of purity in reality. This oil is very healthy and useful for massage specially for babies.

To give further assurance to our dearest consumers the company is planning to follow the conformity of AGMARK( presently applied for), ISO 9001, ISO 14001,BS 18001, ISO 22000 series of international standards.

India’s most mustard oil sold in de-centralised way in highly fragmented market, 70% of which is in open market and remain 30% sold as branded product. This makes a high possibility of adulteration in the market.

“SWADESH KACHCHI GHANI” Mustard oil you will find always in sealed pack with the “SWADESH MARK” hologram in their all pack sizes.

Mustard oil
Pouch Packs 200 ml 500 ml 1 Litre  
Food Graded Pet Bottles 200 ml 500 ml 1 Litre 2 Litre
Food Graded Jars 5 Litres 15 Litres    
Tins 2 Litres 5 Litres 15 Kg  

Mustard Seeds

India is one of the world’s largest edible oil economies with 15,000 oil mills, 689 solvent extraction units, 251 Vanaspati plants and over 1,000 refineries employing more than one million people. The total market size is at Rs. 600,000 Mln. and import export trade is worth Rs.130, 000 Mln.

India being deficient in oils has to import 40% of its consumption requirements. With an annual consumption of about 11 mln Tonnes, the per capita consumption is at 11.50 kgs, which is very low compared to world average of 20 kgs. China is currently at 17 kg.

India is also a leading producer of oilseeds, contributing 8-10% of world oilseed production. India is estimated to account for around 6% of the world’s production of edible oils. Though it has the largest cultivated area under oilseeds in the world), crop yields tantamount to only 50-60% of the world’s average.

India is the fifth largest producer of oilseeds in the world, behind US, China, Brazil, and Argentina. Three oilseeds - Groundnut, Soybean and Rapeseed/ Mustard - together account for over 80 per cent of aggregate cultivated oilseeds output. Mustard seed alone contributes Rs.120, 000 Mln. turnovers out of Rs.600, 000 Mln. oilseed based Sector domestic turnover. Cottonseed, Copra and other oil-bearing material too contribute to domestic vegetable oil pool.

Currently, India accounts for 7.0% of world oilseeds output; 7.0% of world oil meal production; 6.0% of world oil meal export; 6.0% of world veg. oil production; 14% of world veg. oil import; and 10 % of the world edible oil consumption. With steady growth in population and personal income, Indian per capita consumption of edible oil has been growing steadily. However, oilseeds output and in turn, vegetable oil production have been trailing consumption growth, necessitating imports to meet supply shortfall. drivers of rapid growth.