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  • Acres of Mustard Field

    We never run out of Raw Materials

    We have aquired acres of country side fields and taken some properties on lease
    to get uniterrupted supply of Mustard seeds at our Factory.

  • Automated Manufacturing Unit

    Ensuring Best Quality

    Inclusion of Latest technology in the production process
    enables to get the best quality for you.

Welcome to Hike Agro Foods

HIKE PROFILE We would like to introduce our organization “HIKE Group” as an emerging food product industry to cater to the need of our customers domestically and worldwide. The word “HIKE” means “The pleasant journey in the country side for pleasure” symbolizing our deep connection to the nature and agro base products. We as an organization shall perform our business with due and responsive care to our environment and mother earth for long term sustainability.

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Watch Our's Factory Manufacturing

The mustard seeds are emptied from the sacks into the silo for storage of seeds , this seeds are transferred to the chalna for seeds cleaning from where the clean seeds are fed into the automatic feeding system for Ghani.

Our Subsidiaries

Over the years we have expanded and today we have spread our wings accross various industries,
today we are proud to have the following concerns under our parent brand.

Swadesh Edible Oil

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Swadesh Mustard Oil Cake.

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Swadesh Plastics and PVC

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Our Testimonials

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“ We use this oil in our home, me and my family find it irresistible, rate is incredibly economical, its a snug worth for medium category family and it keeps our family healthy. We tend to use this for cookery and for massage conjointly, as a result it suits my family. I would like to suggest everyone to use this oil as it is pure and healthy. ”

Annapurna Bhander

“ Hike Agro's Kachi Ghani Mustard oil is one amongst the leading edible oil firms of our country and has been there since an extended time currently. I even have been mistreatment this oil since an extended time and that i found that the wealthy style and aroma that i purchase from this oil is outstanding and it is not obtainable in different brands these days. The food that is prepared by using this oil is healthy and tasty. It helps to keep the steroid alcohol level down and is good for heart and heart patients. This oil is certified and has maintained strict internal control. i would advocate everybody to ue this oil and submit their humble review and that i bet it'll be a value for cash experience. ”

Suman Dutta

Why Choose Us

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We are committed to do everything possible to offer a best services and products to ensure delight and confident.

We would like to a Best Business Conglomerate in-terms of the product we will offer and service we will provide that spread our wings to reach our clients globally .

We will engage best resources and technocrats to represent us who learns and lives with our organizational Principles and Code of Ethics.

We as an individual or group working according to the directives of the organization to get the efficiency with planned manner to get desired and effective result.

We identify, manage interrelated process and honor departments needs according to the requirement of the organization to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness

We would endeavor to improve our operational performance on a continued basis in order to offer better quality of products and wider range of Services. We would apply real time data analysis to serve our stake holders in better way and keep development in our processes and identify areas for attention.

We honor our recourses to be best and also honor our analytical approaches to maintain the balance in the company to offer high degree of return to our stake holders and in quality of services.

Considering nature of our services and reliance on Technology partners and associates, stakeholders we would ensure long lasting relationship with high degree of integrity and ethics to uphold mutual interest in a trustworthy manner

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