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Swadesh By products Swadesh Mustard Oil Cake.

The mustard oil cakes have been widely used for animal feeding, poultry, fishery, plantation and swine Industry. Being rich in protein, when mustard seeds are crushed 33 percent oil is recovered and the remainder is protein-rich cake it contains 7-8% oil after crushing in cool press technology

The oil residual oil cake considered ideal for food supplementation. However, with increasing emphasis on cost reduction of industrial processes and value addition to agro industrial residues, oil cakes could be ideal source of proteinaceous nutrients and as support matrix for various biotechnological processes.

The usage of cake increased productivity of sugarcane, berseem, papaya, tea, plantations, orchids and planktons in the pond.

Several oil cakes, in particular edible oil cakes over potential benefits when utilized as substrate for bioprocesses. These have been utilized for fermentative production of enzymes, antibiotics, mushrooms, etc. Biotechnological applications of oil cakes also include their usages for vitamins and antioxidants production.

The Swadesh Mustard Oil Cake is available in 70 KG Jute Bag which is eco-friendly and 100% pure residual oil cake. We sell the Oil cake in form of powder and Papdi as required by the consumers.

This review discusses various applications of oil cakes in fermentation and biotechnological processes, their value addition by implementation in feed and energy source (for the production of biogas, bio-oil) as well.